We have fun, learn, laugh & play

Located within the heart of the village in the Parish rooms on Stockcroft Road, Tiggers Preschool offers a welcoming and stimulating environment for your child to learn within. We have a large secure outdoor area which is accessible to the children all year round.

Tiggers Preschool is regulated by Ofsted. You can read our most recent ‘Good’ report by clicking on the link to the Learn more section of this page.

Tiggers is committed to providing a secure and caring environment where children can learn and develop at their own pace within a fun atmosphere. All children are individuals with differing needs and abilities and at Tiggers we endeavour to respond and adapt depending on each child.

Tiggers takes children from two years upwards and we accept the free entitlement funding/government vouchers for two, three and four year olds. It is a key aim of Tiggers to provide quality childcare at an affordable cost.

Tiggers operates each session with five members of staff to a maximum of twenty six children (up to four children aged two – three and twenty two aged three – five year). Ofsted permits us to take up to thirty two children from this age range with the same number of staff ratios but we believe that our children benefit from a higher level of staff input.

Tiggers Preschool is a registered charity. We are a fully inclusive community group managed by a committee of volunteer parents/carers. Confidentiality is paramount and we will always fully consider and respect the children’s needs and those of their parents/carers.

Above and beyond all else, it is our hope that our children enjoy themselves while at Tiggers!


Smiling kids all the time. Lots of effort put into varied, beneficial activities. You are all great!


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