Above all, we want our children to enjoy themselves at Tiggers!


We recognise the importance of maintaining a flow of information; please remember to check the notice board in Tiggers reception for current notices although we will also send important notices home via paper or email.

If you have any concerns at all about your child or the childcare provided, please speak to either your key person or Clare Clarke-Jones (the Supervisor). If they are unable to address your concerns to your satisfaction, please speak to a member of the Committee. We recognise that the matter may be confidential and can arrange an appointment outside of preschool hours at your request.

Key Person:

Your child will be assigned a key person who will plan for your child’s individual learning, development and care. The primary role of the key person is to develop and implement a plan for your child’s progress. At intervals the key person will ask you about your child’s interests and for your knowledge about your child’s development – after all nobody knows your child better than you do. The key person will use this information and the staff observations to plan the next steps in your child’s learning to challenge and stimulate them. All the plans will be kept in each child’s learning journal which is confidential. The key person will share this information with you about every six to eight weeks. However, please feel free to see your child’s learning journal or discuss your child’s development at any time.

Progress & Development:

You may wish to discuss your child’s progress with his/her key person (please see the board to find out who your child has been allocated to). Tiggers maintains ongoing learning journals for each child. These records are available to parents on request. We are happy to discuss your child’s development with you at any time. We are also aware of the need for confidentiality so are happy to arrange a time with you outside of session times.

Developing Social Skills (Behaviour Management):

Unacceptable behaviour will be discouraged by clear explanations as to why it is unacceptable. Realistic goals are to be set for the individual child so that they understand what is expected of them.

Children are encouraged by all staff to:

  • Share
  • Listen to, and follow, adult instructions
  • Be kind and considerate to their peers and to adults

Seeing children develop through fun and play-based learning at Tiggers is a wonderful thing.


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