Curriculum Planning

At Tiggers we believe your child learns at their best while playing.

Both our indoor and outdoor environments are organised into different workshops (areas of play). These are: Construction; Small World; Books & ICT; Graphics & Creative; Sand & Water; Malleable; and Games & Puzzles. Each area is filled with resources for your child to play with. Children are free to move between all workshops and, once the register is completed, between the indoor and outdoor environment as well.

Our workshops are carefully planned to cover the seven areas of learning which make up the Early Years Foundation Stage. The Prime Areas: Personal, Social & Emotional Development; Communication and Language and Physical Development and the Specific Areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

We try to respond to your child’s current interests when planning, because, as we know, children are much more receptive to learning when the subject matter interests them. Early Years education is about looking at a child’s strengths and interests and building on them.

At Tiggers we have a range of ages and abilities, which we take into consideration when planning to ensure that all the children will be challenged and stimulated.  The staff will undertake sensitive observational assessment in order to plan to meet your child’s individual needs and provide experiences that are appropriate to his/her age of development.

Staff will encourage children to ask questions and help them find solutions to problems.

We like to organise local outings within the village for the children, such as visiting the Mobile Library. In order to do this we are required to get official parental approval. And we ask that you sign and return the consent form you received in the Welcome Pack. For trips outside the village involving the whole group, a separate consent form will be organised.

Children were excited when they were given blocks of ice to explore and smash with hammers.

Ofsted 2019

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