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Tiggers Pre-School is a registered charity. We are a fully inclusive community group managed by a committee of volunteer parents/carers whose children attend the pre-school.

It is a key aim of Tiggers to provide quality childcare at an affordable cost. Tiggers accepts government vouchers from children of 3 years and above.

Tiggers is permitted under its Ofsted registration to take 32 children of 3 years and over with 4 members of staff.  Tiggers takes up to 6 2½ year olds who require a higher ratio of staff which means that Tiggers is required to have 5 members of staff for 32 children.  However, we believe that our children benefit from a higher level of staff input and have therefore restricted the maximum number of children attending each session to 26, usually operating with 5 members of staff per session.

Tiggers is committed to providing a secure and caring environment where children can learn and develop at their own pace within a fun atmosphere.  All children are individuals with differing needs and abilities and at Tiggers we endeavour to respond and adapt depending on each child's individual needs.

Confidentiality is paramount and we will always fully consider and respect the children’s needs and those of their parents/carers.

Tiggers’ sessions takes place in the Parish Rooms on Stockcroft Road, Balcombe.  Tiggers has exclusive use of the premises including the attached gardens during sessions.  Children will enjoy a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities all year round.



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Tiggers Pre-School, Balcombe, Parish Rooms, Stockcroft Road, Balcombe, West Sussex RH17 6LH

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