Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Hours of Opening/Term Dates: Tiggers is open from Monday to Friday from 9.15 am until 12.15pm during West Sussex County Council term times.  Term dates including half term breaks will be posted on the notice board.

Tiggers is closed on bank holidays and on INSET days which will take place on the same day as those at Balcombe Village School.  The dates of INSET days will be posted on the notice board.  You will not be charged for bank holidays and INSET days.
Location: Tiggers’ sessions take place in the Parish Rooms on Stockcroft Road.  Tiggers has exclusive use of the Parish Rooms (including the gardens) during the sessions.

Arrivals: Tiggers opens at 9.15am. Please do not arrive before then as the staff will be busy setting up the hall ready for the morning.  Parents and children should use the side door of the Parish Rooms by the paved area.  Parents are asked to change children’s coats and shoes on arrival and help their child find their name badge and put it on our “tree.”

Please be prompt in dropping off you child.  We ask that parents drop children by no later than 9.30am. This is both to manage the supervision of arrivals safely and to also ensure that activities planned for your child and their development are achieved each session. If you are running late, please try to let staff know.

Departures:  Pick up time is 12.15pm.  Only parents, or an adult authorised by a parent, can collect children from Tiggers.  If someone other than yourself is collecting your child, please enter the details in the Child Collection Book when you drop him/her off. This can be found on the table as you enter Tiggers each morning.   Please be prompt in picking up your child.
Parents should check the child’s drawer in the entrance room for messages and artwork before they leave.
If a child is not collected at the end of the session, the Supervisor will phone the child’s parents/carers.  If no one can be contacted, the Supervisor will contact the Child Protection helpdesk at Haywards Heath to register the problem and to seek advice for further action. It is likely that the child will stay with two members of staff until such time that a parent/carer can be contacted or until Social Services has resolved the situation.

The Gate: Please ensure you bolt the gate at the top and bottom every time you enter or leave Tiggers. Tiggers is situated near a road and it is imperative to shut and bolt to ensure the safety of the children. It is very easy to think someone is coming right behind you and leave it.  Never take that risk.

Parent and Emergency Helper Rota: While there are always enough staff to satisfy Ofsted’s staff/child ratio, Tiggers runs a voluntary helper rota and we encourage parents to volunteer whenever they are able.  The children love it when their mum, dad or carer comes in for the morning - it makes them feel special – and it is a great opportunity for parents to get to know their child’s friends.  It is also an excellent opportunity for parents to watch and discuss their child’s development.
There is a rota on the notice board - please put your name beside the date or dates you would like to come into Tiggers.  We can only have one parent/carer helper per morning.  If, for whatever reason, you are unable to stick to the dates you have put down please cross your name out in order to give someone else the chance to come in on that morning.
Occasionally we need to call on an emergency helper to cover staff sickness etc.  If you are willing and interested in becoming an emergency helper, please speak to the Supervisor.

Fees and Government Funding: Please refer to the fee information set out on the fees page of this website.

Refunds: Fees are due for all sessions your child is booked to attend.  Unfortunately we are unable to give a refund if your child is ill or on holiday, or if Tiggers is forced to close in circumstances beyond its control.  
If you decide to take your child out of Tiggers mid-term the Committee reserves the right to ask you to pay the fees for the remainder of that term, unless the space can be filled.

Invoices: Invoices are issued half-termly and payment is due on receipt.  We would be grateful for prompt payment.

Non-Payment of Fees: If at any time you have a genuine problem paying fees, please do not hesitate to speak to Lucy Chettleburgh or Emma Perrin (Co-Chairs), or Sarah Manthorpe (the Supervisor), in absolute confidence.  The Committee is committed to finding a solution that offers minimal disruption to your child in such circumstances.   In extreme cases where fees have been overdue for some time and no effort is being made by the parents to rectify the situation e.g. arranging a payment plan, the Committee reserves the right to exclude a child from the group.  

How to get Government Funding: When your child is eligible, your child’s key person will inform you. All you need to do is ensure that Sarah Manthorpe (the Supervisor) has seen proof of your child’s date of birth, and complete a Parent/Child Information Form which we will give you nearer the time your child is due to receive funding.  The rest is arranged by the Education Department and Tiggers.  The funding is paid directly to Tiggers.
Government vouchers can only be accepted from the beginning of the term after your child’s third birthday i.e. if your child’s birthday is in October, then you can use your vouchers to pay for Tiggers’ sessions from the beginning of the Spring Term.
Changes to Fees: The Committee reviews the fees on a yearly basis and reserves the right to increase them as and when it deems it appropriate e.g. to reflect changes in government funding.  Appropriate notice of any changes will be provided to parents in writing.

Shoes and Clothing: Tiggers’ children enjoy activities both inside and outside in the Parish Room Gardens all year-round. Please ensure that you child is equipped with the right clothing dependent on the time of year e.g. hats and sunscreen or warm/waterproof coat and footwear.
Please also ensure that your child has a pair of non-slip shoes that can be left at Tiggers purely for inside use.  This cuts down on the amount of mud and dirt brought into the premises.
Please ensure that all items of clothing and shoes are labelled well.

Food: Tiggers provides a small healthy snack for the children during the morning session.  These snacks are bought from local shops, but Tiggers would gratefully accept any donations of fruit, bread sticks, raisens etc from parents.   
Staff preparing the snacks will have attended the necessary food preparation training courses.  Parents of any child with specific dietary requirements should inform the Supervisor.  Occasionally parents will be asked to bring in food for children for special occasions.

Lunch Club: When there is sufficient interest, Tiggers operates a lunch club at an additional of £4.50 per session. Parents who are interested in signing their child up for the term should contact Admissions Officer, Neville Ashcroft, on 01444 811125 or email him on admissions@tiggerspreschool.co.uk. Please note that there needs to be sufficient demand for this to operate and Tiggers currently requires 12 children to commit to each of these sessions to make it viable for staffing and overhead costs.
For Lunch Club, children can stay for an additional hour, during which they eat their packed lunch together and enjoy more Tiggers time!   Children must be provided with a labelled lunch box and drink.  Pick up time for Lunch Club children on these days is 1.15pm.
Please keep in mind that Tiggers encourages healthy diets and so please try to make the packed lunches are healthy as possible.  Appropriate foods for packed lunches are sandwiches, fruit, juice, yoghurt, etc.  There is limited fridge space so please only pack food that will keep in a container for at least three hours at room temperature.
Flexi-Spaces: Tiggers is permitted under its Ofsted registration to have 32 children per session. Occasionally sessions do not have the full complement of children and we may be able to offer ad hoc spaces (flexi-space). If you would like to book a flexi-space, please speak to Sarah Manthorpe (the Supervisor).  Flexi-spaces cost £15 per session and must be booked before you drop your child off (the Tiggers’ phone is on from 8.30am).

Children with Additional Support Needs: There will be no discrimination against children with additional support needs. Continual assessment of children at Tiggers may reveal that specialist help is required from an outside agency.  We will offer full support liaising with parents and agencies as required.

Equal Opportunities: All the children have equal access and opportunity to use the equipment available and are encouraged to participate in all activities.

Health & Safety: Tiggers complies with all health and safety legislation applicable to it in relation to space, facilities and fire inspection.  For example, we carry out fire drills each half term on different days to ensure all children and adults take part in at least one.
A member of staff is qualified in first aid at each playgroup session.  All staff are trained in food hygiene.

Please do not bring pets or any other animals onto the Tiggers premises without receiving advanced permission from the Supervisor.

Tiggers has a non smoking policy.  This applies to the outside space as well as indoors.
Child Protection: Please read the enclosed letter from the West Sussex County Council carefully. It explains the responsibility the Supervisor has for contacting the Social and Caring Services Locality Office if she is at all concerned about the welfare of a child at Tiggers. Please read the child protection section in the Policies and Procedures for further information.

Administering of Medicine: If you child suffers from asthma, staff can administer inhalers.  Staff will also administer other prescription drugs where you have provided satisfactory evidence of the prescription.  A written consent form must be completed in advance.
Staff can also administer non-prescription medicine, provided you have completed a written consent form.  Tiggers reserves the right to refuse to administer non-prescription medicine at the discretion of the Supervisor.

Sickness and Other Absences: Children with simple skin complaints such as roseola, athletes foot and cold sores can attend Tiggers.  
Any child suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea should be kept at home until at least 48 hours after the symptoms have disappeared.  Children with infectious illness such as chicken pox should not attend Tiggers until the child is fully recovered and is no longer infectious.  More details can be found in the Health Protection Agency’s website. Please speak to a member of staff if you have any concerns or queries.
If your child becomes ill during a session, he/she will be comforted and closely observed by staff.  Every effort will be made to contact you and your stated emergency contacts.  Occasionally it may be necessary for a qualified member of staff to administer first aid, contact the child’s doctor or activate the emergency services.
If your child is ill and unable to attend a session, please let us know by telephoning the Tiggers number after 8.45am.  
If there will be a planned absence, for example a holiday, we would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as possible.

Head Lice: Head lice and their eggs (nits) are a common problem in all schools and pre-schools, and are easily transferred from child to child. Please check your child’s hair regularly and, if he/she is suffering from nits, treat it as soon as possible by using a suitable shampoo and a head lice comb. If you have any doubts about treatments please speak to your Health Visitor or Pharmacist.  There is no need to keep your child out of Tiggers if he/she is suffering from nit.

Lost Children: In the unlikely event of your child going missing from Tiggers, we will make every effort to contact you and your stated emergency contacts immediately. The surrounding area will be thoroughly searched by members of staff.  If your child is not found quickly, the police will be called.

Complaints Procedures: Should you wish to make a complaint, please speak to either the Supervisor or Co-chairs of the Tiggers Management Committee. If you do not receive a satisfactory response from them, you can contact Ofsted.   The telephone number for Ofsted’s Complaints and Enforcement Department is 08456 404040.  
Tiggers maintains a complaints record with details of all complaints made in accordance with Ofsted’s regulations. This includes details of how the complaint was handled and any remedial action taken.   

Policies and Procedures:  The Policies & Procedures Manual sets out additional terms pursuant to which Tiggers is operated e.g. complaints procedures.  A copy is attached to the notice board at Tiggers.  A copy can be provided to you on request.


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